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We're a growing business in Yorba Linda, CA that caters to customers seeking high-end fitness equipment and longevity products. We can provide expertise in selecting equipment for individuals to large gyms as well as install and service. Since health begins with nutrition, we're well versed in super-foods and diet. We have an Osteopathich medical doctor on staff (learn more at our medical site oclifescience.com).

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We are committed to offering value and service beyond compare. Your "experience" with OC Fitness will change your life. We are not simply a company which sells any product we can add to our web site, we are a company which cares about your well-being. We can help first by finding out your health goals, then pointing you to the right product. Even if it's not something we sell.


OC Fitness is committed to making an impact on our planet. We utilize all means of reducing our carbon footprint. From using recycled paper, to making our own Pristine Hydro water for the employees; eliminating the wasteful bottled water by-products which pollute the oceans and trash our landfills. We do not buy any paper cups, plates or plastic forks and spoons. We use the real thing. We are currently working on powering our entire office by solar panels. Our intention is to reduce the energy required to operate our business. The owners also employ these beliefs and actions in their own homes. It's easy & convenient to use up the earth's resources, but it takes bigger thinkers and bold action to be resourceful and preserve the planet.

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